The Miles & More
Global Traveller Card

In light of the notice letter you recently received from Affiniture Cards Ltd. (trading as Diners Club International) about the closure of your Miles & More Global Traveller Account, we’d like to address some of the questions you may have.

When will my card stop working?

Your card will no longer function from two months after the date of the letter you received. From that moment onwards, if you are not a Miles & More status member, any award miles older than 36 months will start expiring as per the Miles & More Terms & Conditions.

Will there be a replacement Miles & More product in the UK market?

All UK members are very important to Miles & More and Cornercard UK Ltd. Both parties are currently evaluating options together.

If you would like to be kept informed about the launch, please register your interest so that Cornercard UK Ltd. can contact you with more information as it becomes available.

Will this affect my Miles & More membership?

No, your Miles & More membership remains unaffected by this change. Your membership number does not change and you can continue to log into your membership account at as well as earn and redeem award miles using your Miles & More membership card.

Who can I contact for questions about the Miles & More programme?

Miles & More Customer Service is contactable via the online form available here.

Who can I contact to discuss my card account?

If you have any questions or queries relating to your card or the notification you received, please email Affiniture Cards Limited (trading as Diners Club International®) at or call Customer Services between 9am and 5pm on weekdays on 01244 470910.

Can I continue to use my award miles?

Yes. You can continue to earn award miles on your Miles & More Global Traveller Account up until the card closure date. Miles & More are happy to extend your mileage protection until 31.12.2021. After this date, your award miles will start to expire in accordance with the Miles & More Programme Terms & Conditions. You can redeem your award miles as per the Miles & More Programme T&Cs – please consult for inspiration on how to use your award miles.