FAQ on Miles & More Global Traveller Cards

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1What is a Miles & More Global Traveller Card?

The Miles & More Global Traveller Cards are Chip & PIN secured cards, branded as Diners Club and issued by Affiniture Cards Ltd. with a companion Mastercard card issued on behalf of Affiniture Cards Ltd. by Cornercard UK Ltd. and in corporation with Miles & More GmbH.

Miles & More Global Traveller Cards include the features of earning award miles on purchase transactions.

2Earn/Burn Award Miles, Welcome Bonus, Award Miles Expiration
aHow can I earn award miles?

With your Miles & More Global Traveller Cards you can earn award miles on eligible* spends and everywhere where Diners Club and Mastercard cards are accepted. You will earn 1.25 award miles per £1 equally on both cards.

Further, as Miles & More member you can easily earn accelerated miles by showing your Miles & More service card e.g. at Lufthansa Group or Star Alliance check In counters and when you purchase something with your Miles & More Global Traveller Cards at various Miles & More partners, locally in the UK and abroad.

* Eligible spend transactions are defined as spends on purchase transactions, excluding all cash withdrawals, charges, fees, lotteries, gambling transactions.

bHow do I know that I have earned award miles?

All eligible* transactions will be visible in your card account statement. Your card account statement will be issued monthly. Only after the statement has been issued and published to you, the award miles will be credited automatically to your Miles & More account. Once the credit has taken place you will be able to redeem these award miles for the award of your choice.

*Eligible spend transactions are defined as spends on purchase transactions, excluding all cash withdrawals, charges, fees, lotteries, gambling transactions.

cCan award miles earned with my Global Traveller Cards be deducted from my Miles & More account?

Yes, your award miles can be deduced in cases of refunded transactions e.g. if you return a good to the merchant or you cancel a hotel booking etc. In such a case, the former credit of award miles will be debited in accordance with the refund value from your Miles & More account.

In case of fraudulent use, theft or counterfeiting of the Miles & More Global Traveller Cards or in case of any claim, reversal and/or dispute arising from the use of the cards, the relevant award miles will not be credited to the mileage account. If such award miles have been already credited to the cardholder, the same will be deducted by Miles & More. Your Global Traveller Account issuer, Affiniture Cards Ltd., also reserves the right to reclaim Award miles that are issued for eligible transactions that are not paid on time and in accordance with the terms of your Global Traveller Account.

dI am missing my award miles – what can I do?

Award miles will be credited to your miles account automatically. Welcome Miles for your new Miles & More Global Traveller Card will be credited only after your first purchase transaction and your first card account statement has been issued. All award miles earned with your purchase transactions will be credited monthly to your mileage account. If you miss any award miles for your purchase transactions please contact 0345 862 2935 or Miles & More 44 371 - 945 97 37.

If you are missing award miles from a Miles & More partner (other than Affiniture Cards Ltd.) or you've failed to show your Miles & More service card to get accelerated Award miles at selected Miles & More partners you can retrospectively ask for award mile credits by filling up the form (link to Form).

eDo I need to carry 3 cards in my wallet to collect award miles?

Yes. We recommend carrying the Miles & More Global Traveller Cards and the Miles & More Service Card.

Your Miles & More Global Traveller Cards combine all payment functions and will earn you award miles for every eligible* purchase transaction. Both the cards together cover global acceptance. It's very easy for you, with every card usage for eligible spends, your award miles will be credited automatically on monthly basis to your Miles & More account, initiated by Affiniture Cards Ltd.

Your Miles & More Service Card is your "entry" for accelerated award miles at selected Miles & More partners around the globe. The service card will also help you to earn status miles on Lufthansa and selected partner airlines to become a frequent flyer with a whole world of benefits connected with flying (know more). For more convenience, the Miles & More Service Card is also available as virtual card in the Miles & More app.

Please note that for redeeming award miles the 15- digit Miles & More Service Card number is of importance.

* Eligible spend transactions are defined as spends on purchase transactions, excluding all cash withdrawals, charges, annual fees, lotteries, gambling transactions.

fHow can I redeem my award miles?

You can choose from a variety of Miles & More awards to redeem your award miles, e.g. travel awards or award tickets, for shopping and lifestyle or donate them. Get yourself inspired.

gWill my award miles expire when I don't redeem them in time?

No, for Miles & More Global Traveller Card holders earned award miles are protected from expiration. Award miles will not expire after 36 months when you meet the following conditions:

  • You are a Miles & More Global Traveller Card holder for at least 3 months*; and
  • Each month at least one (1) purchase is done with your Miles & More Global Traveller Cards which earns award miles (that is not returned or refunded).

* Please note, when you freshly hold a Miles & More Global Traveller Card account, in the first 3 month of your Credit Card ownership award miles still can expire partially.

Award miles that already expired cannot be reactivated by using the Miles & More Global Traveller Cards.

For detailed information please visit www.miles-and-more.com/en/no-mileage-expiration.

If you are a Frequent Traveler, Senator or HON Circle Member the "no-mileage-expiration feature" is not relevant for you due to your Miles & More status, award miles will not expire as long as you hold the status.

If you decide to cancel your Miles & More Global Traveller Cards, for all award miles collected with your cards, the mile expiry is reactivated again as per Miles & More terms & conditions.

3Frequent Flyer Status change at Lufthansa Miles & More, Service card number
aI have a new Miles & More status, is there any implication to the Miles & More Global Traveller Cards?

No, there is no implication to your cards. You will receive a new Miles & More Service Card with a new Miles & More Service number, showing your new status. Your new Miles & More Service number is connected to your Miles & More account, so are your Miles & More Global Traveller Cards. You will continue to earn award miles on your account automatically without any effort for you.

4Right contact for my queries

Affiniture Cards Ltd. Customer Care is available for you for all payment related questions:

Your Miles & More Service team is available for you for all Miles & More Program related questions. Please feel free to contact:

Payment Card Related Questions

5How do I get started with my new account?

As soon as you receive your cards simply call us on 0345 862 2936 and we will activate your cards. There's no need to wait until you receive both cards. Once you have received a card simply activate it and you can start using your Account and earning Award miles straightaway.

6Card Statement
aWhat is included in my Statement?

Your monthly statement will include all charges received onto the Account since your last statement (from both your Diners Club Card and your Mastercard spending). It will show your direct debit payment to the Account and the number of Award miles you have earned in the statement period.

bHow can I clear my card balance?

The Miles & More Global Traveller Cards Account is a charge card product and so needs to be paid in full each month. As part of your Account set-up a monthly direct debit will have been set up for you so there's nothing you will need to do to ensure the balance is paid for all your spending.

cHow is my cross boarder spend been handled?

Wherever Diners Club or Mastercard are accepted around the world you can use your cards. Unless you agree to let the local retailer charge you in £GBP (and let them set the exchange rate) your purchase will take place in the local currency. It will be converted by the Diners Club or Mastercard network into a £GBP transaction at their respective Reference Exchange Rate (which is a typical market exchange rate). There will be a separate foreign currency conversion fee applied to your account of 2.99% of the transaction value. (Please see your Terms and Conditions for more detail).

dDoes any fee apply for my Card statement?

There is no fee for your statement or interest to be paid on your purchases.

eWhen will I receive my statement?

You will receive email notification of your statement being available to view on the day it is generated. It is important to regularly check your statement and ensure there are no transactions you do not recognize on it. Having set up your direct debit payment there is however nothing else you need to do. The payment will be taken in full at the end of the payment due period.

7What is my credit limit?

Your credit limit is specific to you and your account. It is detailed at the top of every statement your receive.

8How can I increase my limit?

You can request a credit limit increase by emailing customerservices@dinersclub.co.uk or calling on 0345 862 2935.

9Where will my Miles & More Global Traveller Cards work?

Your Diners Club Card and Mastercard will work at any merchant displaying either the Diners Club International or Mastercard symbol – both in store and online. Some merchants do not accept both payment networks, and this is not necessary. Simply use the relevant card for payment network that the supplier accepts.

10What do I do if my one or both of my cards are lost, stolen or damaged?

Simply call us on 0345 862 2935, or from overseas on +44 1244 470910 and let us know. If only one of your cards is affected the other will continue to work. Once you receive your new card(s) you will need to activate them before use.

11My card expiry date is near, when will I receive my renewal card?

Typically your replacement cards will be issued around 6 weeks before the expiry of your existing cards.

12My Miles & More World Traveller Cards are broken. How do I get replacement cards?

Simply call customer services on 0345 862 2935 to request a replacement card. Please remember to clearly indicate whether your need a replacement Diners Club Card or Mastercard. If you are waiting for one replacement card your other card will continue to work so you don't have to miss out on your Award miles earnings opportunities.

13I've forgotten/lost my PIN. Do I get a new one?

You can order a PIN reminder or a new PIN for your Diners Club Card or Mastercard by calling customer services on 0345 862 2935.

14I've blocked my card by entering 3-times a wrong PIN. What shall I do?

You'll need to request a PIN reminder (Diners Club Card) or PIN replacement (Mastercard) by calling us on 0345 862 2935.

15How can I make changes to my personal data?

Simply email customerservices@dinersclub.co.uk or call on 0345 862 2935. You can also update your personal data through your dedicated e-Account.

16My Mastercard says pre-paid on it, do I have to add funds before I can use it?

No. The card works in the same way as your Diners Club Charge Card with all charges and credits appearing on your monthly statement. The card is automatically "loaded" with cash from your account for every transaction you make. You don't have to do anything, nor do you have to have a credit balance on your Mastercard.

17Can I have a supplementary cardholder on my Global Traveller Account?

The Global Traveller Account is a personal account and does not support additional cardholders.

18My flight was cancelled or delayed how do I claim compensation?

Compensation for delays or cancellations needs to be handled directly with the airline and will be processed in accordance with their policies.

19I want to buy a ticket/upgrade with my Award Miles how do I do this?

You can redeem your Awards Miles in lots of different ways by going to miles-and-more.com.

20Why have I been charged a £15 airport lounge fee?

You can access over 800 airport lounges worldwide using your Diners Club Card in your Miles and More Global Traveller Account. Each visit anywhere in the world is charged at just £15 in accordance with the terms and conditions of the account.

21Mobile Payments - How does it work?

Mobile payments are possible via Apple Pay and Samsung Pay using your Mastercard. Full details of how to use mobile payments are available through the following link and selecting the relevant details within Digital Payments: https://www.cornercard.co.uk/